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Productlane streamlines communication with our sales and support teams. With their portal, our whole team can access our Linear roadmap and add new feedback to it. Their Slack integration is really frictionless and turns every message in a Slack channel into a Productlane note.
Jens Teichert

CTO, vivenu

With over $50M in funding and 88 employees, vivenu is a ticketing provider that helps event organizers manage, market, and analyze ticket sales from one unified platform.
vivenu is using Productlane to streamline product communication with sales and customer success through a private portal to make their Linear roadmap available for their team and a shared Slack channel that is connected with Productlane.
We’ve been waiting for a tool like Productlane for so long at Novu. And today it consolidates product feedback for us from: Customer calls, Discord, GitHub, Linear, Raycast, and E-mails. With this consolidation, we are able to spot feature demands, and make strategic decisions regarding product and biz development.
Dima Grossmann

Co-founder, Novu

Novu is an open source notification infrastructure with over 24k Github stars and $6.6M in funding.
Novu connected all their feedback sources, including Notion or Raycast via our API, so all feedback lands in Productlane. After a few months, they also made their roadmap public to make it even easier for their users to give feedback.
We use Productlane to share plans with and get feedback from users. It's a great way to store user feedback and the tight integration with Linear works great and makes our lives easier by reducing duplication.
Brandon Bayer

CEO, Flightcontrol

Flightcontrol is a YC-funded company from the founders of BlitzJS, to help you manage AWS without the hassle.
Flightcontrol made their Linear roadmap public to their users with the Productlane portal, to have the simplest way to share plans and get feedback from users at the same time.
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