With our Productboard Importer, we’re making a switch to Productlane easy and worry-free for you. Your notes and their associated features will get imported as tags. And with just one click, you can convert your tags to Linear issues and projects.

Productboard Step-by-Step Import


Get your API Key from Productboard

In the Productboard, navigate to Integrations and scroll all the way down to APIs. Here, click on Access Token and press the Add Token button on the page. This will create the API-Key for you. Now copy the key that has just been created.


Enter the API Key in Productlane

Open your Productlane settings and navigate to Import / Export. This will open different options for importing and exporting data. From those, choose Productboard. You will now be given the option to add your API key from Productboard. Enter the key and click Validate Data. productboard-importer


Validate data

Clicking on Validate Data will give you a preview of all the data we will import. This will also give you the option to double-check any missing information and to update that data in Productboard before you run the import. For example: If there are users without an email or companies without a domain, those would be skipped for the import. You can do a dry run of the import as often as you’d like to ensure all your Productboard data gets imported correctly and completely. validate


Run the import

Once you feel confident with the preview of the import data, you can press Run Import. With a successful import, we will give you the feedback that your import is complete and everything was imported successfully. run-import


Start using Productlane with your imported data

After successfully importing the data you can switch your view to Notes in Productlane and find all your imported notes here. Every imported note will have the information “Imported from Productboard” and will show associated features as tags. imported


Connect Linear and turn tags into issues and projects

Once you have connected Linear to Productlane, you can convert every tag into an issue or a project by choosing Issue or Project in the top right corner of your note view! features-tags