Updates and improvements to Productlane.

  • September 26, 2023
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    AI-suggest note highlights

    Connecting call notes and feedback with Linear is now faster than ever. With our new AI suggestions, we directly suggest the right issue or project from Linear for each new line of your note. Create Linear issues while keeping the full context of the customer note for your team.

    Video recordings & transcripts in Productlane

    That's not all! We're also launching our video upload beta. Upload recordings manually or let our meeting recording bot join your calls and make timestamped notes with Productlane. Process user interviews in 5m instead of 1h. Sign up for the beta here:

    Linear roadmaps & due dates on the portal

    Looking for a shortcut to get more feedback and manage expectations with your users? You can now publish your Linear projects on our portal – and even display their roadmaps and due dates if you want to.

    Email Signup

    You can now sign up or invite your team without a Linear & Google account and just sign up via email.

    More improvements & fixes

    • Fixed sync engine issues

    • Resolved CMD Z not working in Changelog editor

    • Added the creator of each note

    • Included attachments in forwarding emails

    • Resolved duplicate project creation

    • Implemented error boundary for issue selection

    • Fixed an issue when creating a new workspace

    • Added a clear filter button to the segments filters

    • Fixed a bug where notifications were received for own comments

    • Removed cancelled projects from Productlane

    • Fixed a bug in the company create form

    • Resolved the extra scrollbar appearing in dark mode due to virtualization


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • August 30, 2023
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    Hubspot integration

    We have been shipping so many new things this month. A whole new API, a CSV upload, Emailing within Productlane, and, first and foremost, our Hubspot integration.

    It's one of our most requested integrations and works similarly to Intercom. Sync all your users and companies from Hubspot, send new feedback, and view the delivery status of that feedback all within Hubspot.

    New API

    We don't believe in locking in our customers. We want you to do everything you can dream of with your data, so we're enabling all important endpoints in our API.

    We rewrote our entire API and documentation to make it future-proof and scalable, you find the new documentation here:

    CSV Upload

    So far, you could only send us new feedback via email, and we uploaded it for you. The amount became difficult for us to handle, so we built it directly into the tool. You can upload new notes with the name and email of the user it's from. We then automatically generate the right company from the email or assign the user to it.

    Email users from within Productlane

    We also added a huge new feature that enables you to close feedback loops with customers even faster. When the reply button on the top right of the note only opened a mailto: window in the past, it now opens a form on the note to send emails to your users even quicker.

    The email form is automatically open for completed notes, making it even easier to close feedback loops. We're thinking about more ways to automate the feedback closing in a personal way. Let us know your ideas!

    Website Updates

    Our website also got a little refresh, showcasing all the new features we built in the last months on the homepage, adding our team and investors to our about page, and adding a blog where we will share new learnings here and then.

    Productlane Manifesto

    We built Productlane to help companies build simpler software by making the right feature bets. Read more about how we think and what we believe in our Manifesto.

    More improvements & fixes

    • We added new emails to remind you to keep inbox zero and publish new projects on your portal

    • You can now turn opportunities into projects and issues quickly

    • You can now view the delivery status of connected issues & projects in our Intercom integration

    • Enabled YouTube videos in our changelog

    • Improved the design of all our emails

    • Added ability to delete people & workspaces from Productlane

    • Improved the design of all our emails

    • Added the portal settings to the settings page

    • Added functionality to disconnect Slack button

    • Fixed issue with extra scrollbar in dark mode

    • Resolved spacing bug in the Changelog

    • Fixed an issue where duplicate contacts were created with Intercom

    • Improved some spacing on the portal

    • Added Segments to people & company page

    • Slack channels now ordered alphabetically


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • August 7, 2023
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    Multiple workspaces & Google authentication

    We started Productlane 2 years ago as one of the first tools you can use only with a Linear account. While this helped us to grow quickly and become the go-to solution for every company that uses Linear – the time has come for us to evolve.

    Sales or Customer Success teams often don't have a Linear account especially in larger organizations or agencies. However with Productlane, these teams can be better aligned with the roadmap and close feedback loops.

    That's why we've made some really big changes by enabling you to have multiple workspaces and invite your team members via Google authentication.

    Enabling agencies to use Productlane

    Agencies using Linear teams as a client's differentiator can now create multiple workspaces in Productlane and connect the different teams with their respective workspaces - enabling you to create your own portal for each client for even better collaboration.

    New onboarding

    To create a sweet first experience for your new team members to get started, we also overhauled our entire onboarding. Watch the video below to see it in action:


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • July 28, 2023
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    Grain integration for call recordings

    The idea for Productlane was born out of frustrations that call recordings were buried in Notion, invisible to anyone in the company.

    But seeing a real person using your product is so important for the whole team.. And uploading them in video-cutting or research tools is such a pain.

    Luckily, Grain built a very simple way to record user calls for not only PMs, but Sales, CS and everyone who's talking with users.

    With their Mac App, you can even take timestamped notes, and every new line in your notes is connected with a little snippet from the recording.

    If you add these timestamped notes into Productlane and connect them, you now see a video highlight reel on each opportunity, project or issue.

    How it works:

    New private and public portal

    We're building Productlane to help you focus on the features with the most impact. Because every new feature can clutter your tool and make it harder to use.

    Especially your main navigation has a sweet spot when it gets too complex, so we combined the changelog and portal and gave both small UI lifts.

    Our users also love to make their portal only available for their organization through Google auth. So the name "Public roadmap" didn't make much sense anymore.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • July 20, 2023
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    Synced Intercom segments and contacts

    If you use Linears Intercom integration to track feature requests in your issue backlog, we have something very special for you this week:

    Productlane imports all Intercom conversations (same for Slack, Zendesk and Front) that are linked to a Linear issue and displays those with new helpful data:

    You now see the user, company, and their segments next to each feature request – all synced with Intercom. This means, next to every feature request, you see the amount of paying users, how many sessions they had, if they had been active in the last 30 days, which company size they're in, and much more. This enables you to identify:

    • Feature requests from potentially high-paying customers

    • Problems people mentioned that led them to churn

    • Opportunities to delight your power users and make them love your tool even more

    … and much more.

    New segment filter

    We also made significant improvements to our segment filter. You can permanently hide all segments that are unimportant to you, and when you filter for a segment, the importance score and trend are recalculated, and all other segments are hidden. Also, the segments are now visible and filterable on the company and people list.

    More improvements & fixes

    • We added dynamic OG images for the portal

    • Larger improvements in speed and indexability of the portal pages.

    • We now fetch the profile picture from people's emails.

    • We now only display the connected sentence of an issue.

    • Added functionality to download logo URLs from Linear.

    • Enabled opening a company from people's details.

    • Added an "Open in Linear" button to Project details.

    • Addressed an auto-saving bug in the editor.

    • Resolved the problem of not displaying all Slack channels in the selector.

    • You can now still assign a person when their company has been deleted

    • Made note creation from within Slack more stable

    • In the note search, deleted notes were visible sometimes. Fixed.

    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't edit a project when no icon was selected.

    • Added Live Server functionality


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • July 11, 2023
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    Collaborative editor & commenting

    Productlane is built for teams. From the beginning, our vision was to align every person in the company around the user. Taking interview notes, processing feature requests, discussing new feedback – this is now all possible together, with collaborative editing and comments.

    You see the cursor and a little profile icon of your teammates, and can discuss new feedback in the comment section on the right. Mention team members by pressing "@" and they will be notified immediately.

    Pricing updates

    To celebrate collaboration and follow our vision, we decided to make Productlane free for up to 5 users with unlimited usage – including our Slack and Intercom integration.

    Zapier Integration

    We also added a very simple way to bring even more feedback to Productlane. From NPS or Churn Surveys to App Store Reviews and Helpdesk tools, you can now consolidate them all through Zapier.

    AI summaries beta

    Something really exciting is waiting for Productlane power users - if you have lots of feedback or interview notes attached to an issue, project or opportunity, you can now summarize it with our new AI summary feature on the top right of the page. We're releasing this as a first beta, and more AI functionality is in the making - including auto-suggesting links for new feedback and suggesting new opportunities from your Linear and Intercom data.

    More improvements & fixes

    • There is a new green outline around the editor to indicate if you can use shortcuts

    • We show now for some of your users their profile pictures

    • ESC now closes the issue, project and opportunity selection modal

    • We enabled the feedback endpoint in our API

    • When hovering connected items on the editor, it's highlighting them now

    • Made note deletion possible with keyboard

    • Made typography in editor a bit better readable

    • Made most screens responsive (it's not perfect yet and work in progress!)

    • Importance icon is now hidden on the overview when there is no importance selected

    • Fixed a bug where the cursor jumps to the new line randomly in the editor

    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't edit project when no icon is selected

    • Company segments are now displayed separately from user segments

    • Upvoted projects are now also displayed on company details

    • There is a new scroll effect when hovering connected items on the editor

    • Tab selector has now a hover effect

    • Deleted notes are note in the note search anymore


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • June 6, 2023
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    Sync engine

    In the last weeks, we made the biggest change to Productlane so far. It lays the foundation for our vision to make Productlane the fastest and highest-quality product discovery tool in the industry: Adding a sync engine.

    You need to do it when the codebase is still manageable, as it's almost impossible to do later. We needed to rewrite lots of code and stop building larger features for weeks.

    But we're really proud of the result. Productlane now feels like a native app. Seamless in every interaction, it will save our users countless hours by removing all load times. The sync with Linear is now more instant than ever and it's ready for exciting and collaborative features such as commenting, a multi-cursor editor, and more.

    Improved design

    We also took the opportunity to improve large chunks of the frontend. The design – especially the navigation and editor – is now much more lightweight and in the background. We made the wording clearer and removed confusing terms like "Insights" and "Repository", which are now just "Notes" and "Processed Notes".

    Better search

    We improved the search and made it more performant so that we were able to put it back into CMD+K. You don't need to go to a separate page anymore and can just open it with a simple keystroke. Only for the insight search, you need to click one more time, the rest is directly in CMD+K.

    Tags are now opportunities

    After testing our new Tags feature, it was pretty clear that it seemed too broad and wasn't clear enough what to do with it. "Tags" can be everything and nothing at the same time. So we named it into the main use-case we built them for: Opportunities. A bucket for your feature ideas, observations, or problem areas that are too early to put into Linear already.

    The groups are now customizable, so you can make them fit for your individual use-case. You can use them for a specific tool area, for an outcome you want to achieve, or as a bucket to keep track of competitor mentions.

    Forward email to Productlane

    The new version also comes with a highly requested new feature that enables you to send feedback to Productlane via email. In the settings, there is now a new email page, where you can copy a unique email address for your organization, where everything that is sent to, converted into a note in Productlane. Save this email as a new "Productlane" contact, to make it super simple to forward new feedback to it.

    New domain:

    Productlane not only continues to mature as a product but also as a company. With our growing user base, it was also time for us to invest a little bit in our brand and buy a new domain. You now find us on instead of

    More improvements

    • The score of issues is now calculated into their projects

    • When you hover the linked items on the editor, it now scrolls to the right position

    • You can now search for the issue ID in the issue search

    • Project, issue, and opportunity creation is now faster and prefills the title

    • You can now open links in a new tab with CMD + click

    • The company name is now shown on the Notes list

    • The feedback widget now also supports dark mode

    • The project ID in the feedback widget is not required anymore

    • "Bots like Typeform or Zapier can create insights" in Slack is now on for everyone as a default

    • The opportunity / issue / project search is now cleared after selection

    • Notes are now formatted correctly on all other detail-pages

    • You can now send feedback from within CMD+K

    • CMD+K now supports searching through opportunities and companies

    • Company and user segments are now separated with different icons

    • The company is now shown in the issue link in Linear

    • The screen for editing projects has been improved and put into a modal

    • Completed issues are now displayed in Productlane as well

    • Issues & projects are auto-linked after the creation

    • There is no alert anymore when you close the feedback modal on the Public roadmap

    • The shortcut to link an issue makes the text not italic anymore


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • April 4, 2023
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    Intercom integration

    Introducing: The easiest way to track user feedback from Intercom.
    With one click, you can move a whole Intercom conversation to Productlane.

    No questionnaire or input fields will prevent your team from tracking feedback, and your engineers can read the entire conversation in Productlane without an Intercom account.

    Intercom is available on our Plus plan, and you can start a trial here in our settings.

    Raycast extension

    We're also launching an effortless way to track feedback from wherever you are: Big shoutout to Dima, Co-Founder, and CTO of Novu, for building a Productlane Raycast extension!

    With 19k Github stars, Novu is one of the most popular open-source solutions for managing user notifications – You should try it.

    You can find the extension in the Raycast Store.

    Preview: Feedback and Changelog widget

    There is even more to announce! Highly requested – we're currently testing our feedback and changelog widgets.

    1. The feedback widget enables smaller companies to skip customer support tools and – as Grafbase does it – use Productlane as their primary support tool. Teams using a customer success tool can communicate directly with the product team through the widget.

    2. The changelog widget is a beautiful way to tell the story of your recently shipped updates that your users can read without leaving your tool.

    We look forward to your feedback on the widgets to polish everything for the release!


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • March 17, 2023
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    This week, we’re really excited about a feature that will play a big role in Productlane, especially for doing user research: Tagging.

    We’re testing a very opinionated approach that’s based on our own way of building products, a mix of the Linear method and Teresa Torres’ “Continuous Discovery Habits.”

    It’s made for SaaS companies, but might not work for everyone yet. So we’re keen on your feedback! We created three default tag groups that have a specific purpose:

    1. Opportunities
      Discover patterns and verify problems before jumping into solutions

    2. User tasks & goals
      Get a feeling of what your users do every day to find problems they don’t know they had

    3. Evergreen tags
      Keep track of timeless insights like pricing feedback or why people love your product

    Please let us know if you have a use case, we don’t solve with the default tag groups! We might make them customizable in the future.

    Issues page and issue details

    You now have a page for all issues that you linked through Productlane. See each issue's importance score, company segments, user personas, and trends! If you use our importer for Intercom, Front, or Zendesk links, you will also see them on the page. And on the details, you now see all insights connected to the issue.

    Paste images to insights & changelogs

    A small but mighty feature that many of you waited for: You can now paste images into insights and changelog.

    More improvements & fixes

    • We improved the companies: You now see all todo and done projects and issues of a company

    • We simplified the navigation and combined People, Companies and Segments

    • There are now only upvoted projects that are "Todo" on the people details

    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't enter the domain when there was a "/" at the end

    • You can now book a demo through our website's homepage

    • You can now create users and companies through our API

    • New setting to disable automatic changelog drafts in the settings

    • Imported insights from Front, Intercom, and Zendesk don't create issue links anymore

    • Changelog drafts have now auto-save

    • You can now link to a project twice on the insight

    • Fixed a bug where the email was shown instead of the company on the insights


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • February 24, 2023
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    Private roadmap and changelog

    It's been wild weeks and we're heads down working on many smaller improvements for all the new users coming into Productlane recently. But we we’re also able to ship a larger feature that will enable a complete new usecase for you:

    Share internal Changelogs with your company and align all employees around your roadmap with a private portal. Use Google authentication to only allow access to people from your organization.

    You find the setting behind the Share button on the top right of the Public Roadmap or Changelog page.

    Add Front, Intercom & Zendesk links to Productlane

    Most of you already link to existing bugs or issues from helpdesk tools with Linears native integrations. We have built an import that you can see these links now also in Productlane!

    By that, you can

    1. See the aggregated link amount (the importance score)

    2. Spot trends (how many new links have been added within the last 4 weeks)

    3. Get a high-level overview of which company or user has requested things.

    With the click of a button, you can add all helpdesk attachement links from our Import / Export page in the settings.

    More improvements & fixes

    • On a companies detail page, you now see their done issues and projects

    • People search is not case-sensitive anymore

    • Fixed a bug where the same person could been added multiple times

    • Improved the look of companies logos

    • Fixed a bug where the add company modal hit random reloads for some users

    • Fixed a bug where the persons company wasn't displayed for some sources

    • Companies are now sorted alphabetically

    • Fixed a bug on the company settings that prevented new logos from being saved


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • January 30, 2023
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    Companies & Insight trends

    The new week comes with a new key feature in Productlane: Companies. Because insights often come from multiple people within the same organization, the company is now generated from your user's email. If you give it a segment, it will show on every employee's insight.

    Insight trends

    Next to the project and issue importance score is now the trend to see if a new topic is rising. The score shows you the increase since the last four weeks, so you can find out if something is still relevant or might have been fixed with another feature.

    Preview: Display issues

    A long-awaited feature is coming very soon: We struggled long if we wanted to build it because using projects to connect user insights gives you a better picture of your user's needs and doesn't clutter your issue backlog with feature ideas. But we now found a way to display both and released the first glimpse of it.

    On your roadmap, there are now three new projects: Unstarted issues, Started issues, and Backlog issues. We're working on displaying their score and segments, calculating them into the linked projects, and automatically importing attachments from Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, or Front to Productlane to show you trending issues. Let us know what you think!

    More improvements & fixes

    • Editor power users watch out: We just made your life simpler by adding the shortcut "CMD + shift + I/P" to quickly connect issues and projects with your keyboard

    • You can now view the team members who are in Productlane in your settings

    • We improved the project search, so you quickly find the projects you need

    • We added the description of a project to the public roadmap page, so you can double-check that no internal notes are published

    • You can now search the Linear issue ID in the Issue picker

    • We made some improvements to our API docs (check them out, they're beautiful – thanks to Merlin)

    • Segments are now in the main navigation, as you might want to edit them frequently

    • Fixed the date picker closing on click in Safari

    • On the people page, you could only view three upvotes. Fixed.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • January 13, 2023
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    New editor, multiple issues, better search and API docs

    Our vision is to create a new standard for product discovery. To help you identify impact, align your team, and close the feedback loop with customers.

    Today, we're one step closer to that vision, as we're launching our new rich text editor: You can now add user interview notes and longer feedbacks and connect parts of that with projects and issues.

    If you select a text, in the popup with the styling options, there is now a button to connect an issue or a project. If you do that, that highlight is visible on the project detail page and helps you get important context much faster.

    Link multiple issues

    To make full use of the new editor, you can now link to multiple issues from one insight. We're working right now on displaying these issues in Productlane and import existing issue attachements and linked conversations from Intercom, Front, or Zendesk. Stay tuned for the next release!

    New search

    As a single source of truth for your user insights, it's essential to make them not only searchable through linked issues and projects but also through the insights themselves. If you now click on the little search icon next to the "Add note"-button, you see a beautiful new search page where you see all essential results at a glance. (To initiate it for the first time, you need to log out and in again or "Sync search" in CMD K)

    API Docs

    Our users are getting more creative with what they can do with their data in Productlane. For example, Grafbase used our API to rebuild the public roadmap on their website and deliver a seamless experience for their users. For that, we extended our API and created a dedicated page for our docs:

    Do you have more use-cases for our API in mind? Let us know!

    Backups every minute

    With more and more users getting on board recently, we want to ensure your data is safe. That's why we installed a proper backup system for our database. Now, your data is back-upped every minute instead of every 24 hours.

    Other improvements

    • You can now edit people on the people details page

    • Project Emojis are now visible in Productlane as well

    • We tweaked the editor UI a little bit, adding the source to the right and not into a button anymore

    • You can now change the date on a changelog post

    • With our Slack integration, you can now fully connect with Zapier, and also send messages to it, not only receive them.

    • New projects are now hidden per default on the public roadmap for new users

    • We made the automatic background gradients for changelog images a bit fresher


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • December 16, 2022
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    New editor preview

    Our vision is to create a new standard for product discovery. To help you identify impact, align your team and close the feedback loop with customers.

    Today, we're one step closer to that vision, as we're launching a preview of our new editor: You can now add user interview notes and longer feedbacks and connect parts of that with projects.

    We're right now adding the possibility to connect multiple issues and display them within Productlane, and more improvements on the editor are coming, so stay tuned!

    Other Improvements

    • Removed Milestones from "Create project" and "Edit project" page

    • Limited the maximum number of segments shown on the projects page

    • Users can now sort projects on the public roadmap

    • Adjusted the position of the CMD K shortcut

    • Added a chevron arrow next to a person's name in the insights section to open their profile

    • Added a button for adding people in the people selector

    • Improved the people picker


    • Fixed an issue where an endless spinner would appear if a feedback was submitted without selecting a person

    • Improved the hover effect on project for the public roadmap

    • Fixed a bug where the team was not synced when creating a project from within Productlane

    • Allowed other files than PNGs for changelog image upload

    • Fixed an error message that appeared when creating a project without a status

    • Fixed a bug in the changelog with long URLs

    • Fixed an error that occurred when saving feedback

    • Fixed a bug where project links were not working

    • Fixed a 502 error that occurred when uploading GIFs in the changelog

    • Fixed an issue where the people creator would fade away

    • Added the "Give Feedback" link when the project doesn't have a description

    • Fixed a bug where the company logo was not displaying on the public roadmap


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • October 24, 2022
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    Hide selected Linear Teams

    We finally shipped a feature that was blocking many of you from adopting Productlane: Hiding Linear teams you don't need for your daily research work.

    You find this new option by navigating to Settings > Teams in Productlane. 

    Please note that for some older accounts, you need to "Sync Linear" with CMD + K in case no project is visible after turning on the setting for the first time. After that, everything will be synced constantly.

    Changed "milestones" to "project status"

    With Linear's new update, "milestones" will be deprecated, so we changed the grouping on the projects tab and your public roadmap to the "project status". We like the simplicity, but we might switch to their new "roadmaps" as a replacement. But we're unsure yet if it will become too complex, as you can now have one project in multiple roadmaps. Please let us know your feedback on what you'd prefer! 

    People picker

    When adding insights like user interview notes or feedback manually, so far, you always needed to type in the persons' email. We made this a lot easier by letting you create that person only once and then being able to select it from a dropdown. While creating a person, you can now also directly add their user segment.

    Other improvements

    • We redesigned the project details. They are now full-width, so you can better read the insights.

    • We fixed a bug that insights didn't move back to the inbox after completing it in Linear for some accounts.

    • Some weird font weights have sneaked into our Changelog headings. Fixed!

    • Fixed a bug on the changelog and public roadmap page, where content was displayed twice. 


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • October 4, 2022
    changelog image

    Turn Slack into a user insights hub

    With our new Slack integration, we've been able to cover 3 major feature requests at once:

    1. Zapier integration
    2. Forwarding emails to Productlane
    3. Inviting your team to add feedback

    How this works:

    Every new message creates an insight in Productlane: Every message sent into a selected channel will automatically create an insight in Productlane that you can then connect with Linear issues and projects later.

    Slack bots like Typeform or Zapier can create insights: Slack bots can be connected to your #insights-hub channel and will also create Productlane insights automatically. This works for Typeform, Zapier, and many other bots. You can set up Zapier to enable email forwarding.

    Involve customer success or sales: Let your team add interview notes, call summaries, lost deals, and any other insights that will help prioritize the roadmap. They can post everything into the Slack channel, and you can process it later in Productlane.

    For public Slack communities: Never miss another feature request in public Slack communities. Badge-connect all feedback at once, without needing to deal with Slacks UI to create or link issues.

    For Slack connect channels: If you communicate with your customers in Slack connect channels, you can click on the "More actions" of a specific message to push it quickly to Productlane. When the feature is shipped, you can automatically follow up with that customer in the Slack thread.

    Notifications: Discuss new feedback with your team directly in the thread of a notification.

    The more insights you store in Productlane, the better you'll be able to understand which users you can solve a problem for. Segment users by company size, whether they are paying customers, how active they are, and prioritize your roadmap accordingly.

    Attach images to insights

    We're also launching another major feature: You can now upload images to an insight. Your users can do this on the Public Roadmap and you can upload them when adding a new insight in Productlane.

    Other improvements

    • When you receive new feedback via email, the "Reply to" field now contains the feedback giver’s email address

    • You can now search for multiple keywords in the projects search

    • There is a new option on the projects page to temporarily sort  by importance

    • Fixed a bug on the Changelog and Public Roadmap where some things were not shown correctly in dark mode


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • August 5, 2022
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    Import existing feedback and changelogs

    Have all your user feedback in Notion? Host your changelog in another tool? You can now upload your existing data into Productlane and enjoy its benefits without having to start all over: Connect feedback with feature ideas and see, which customer segment it helps the most, and let the feedback jump back into your inbox as soon as the feature is marked done in Linear.

    Open the import settings to get started.

    Public roadmap improvements

    We also shipped some improvements to the public roadmap. If you hover over a project, you now see the Linear description without clicking on it. When you create new feedback on the left, you still see the description fully while the existing projects are searched through.

    Other improvements

    • You can now search projects and users with CMD + K

    • The email subject line for new feedback now has the user email in it, to avoid emails being threaded

    • You're awesome! The changelog draft email now celebrates you for finishing projects. 🎉

    • Changed the wording from "Mark processed" to "Move to repository", to clarify that it doesn't mean that feedback has been solved.

    • Fixed a bug where the changelog detail page couldn't be opened

    • Fixed a bug that prevented syncing projects properly for some accounts


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • July 5, 2022
    changelog image

    Custom domains

    We had an intense launch last week and were overwhelmed by your feedback, thank you so much for signing up for Productlane! Our vision is to make managing feedback and sharing it with your team effortless. To help you build more user-centric and successful products. This was a great step towards that.

    To let the feedback keep flowing in, we added another often requested feature: You can now connect a custom domain to your public roadmap and changelog. Just open the custom domain settings to get started.

    Dark mode switch and better theming

    To streamline your branding, you can now enable or disable dark mode for your users in the custom theme settings. We've also redesigned the settings page to better distinguish dark mode from light mode colors.


    Both features are available in the Plus plan, which we introduced last week. We designed our pricing to enable companies of all sizes to get value out of Productlane with a Free account. As soon as you scale up your teams, you can upgrade your workspace to connect more Linear teams and set a custom domain and change up your Public Roadmap's and Changelog's theme, starting at $40.00 per Linear team / month. View our pricing here.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • June 21, 2022
    changelog image

    We're live! Launching Productlane 🎉

    Productlane is now available for all Linear users. You find it in Linear's new integrations directory.

    After some intense work the last months to make the core functionality stable and valuable, you're now ready to complement your Linear workspace with a smart user feedback repository to close the feedback loop, a beautiful changelog that writes itself, and a customizable public roadmap. 

    All you need to do is open our website, where you can simply log into Productlane with your Linear account and get started.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • June 13, 2022
    changelog image

    Changelog reactions

    Keep the feedback looping: When you send out a new Changelog, your users can now leave feedback on it without leaving the page. A small input field underneath each post enables you to be even closer to your users and signal to them that you truly value their feedback.

    Users can choose between three reactions to indicate how they feel about your newest updates. The icons have the same accent color that you can set in your settings. After leaving feedback, they are asked for their email so you can get back to them and stay in touch.

    What do you think about this new feature? Leave your feedback below 👇


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • May 17, 2022
    changelog image

    Link feedback to existing issues

    You can finally link feedback to existing issues! This is one of the most requested features and was a blocker for many of you, so we rethought our approach here.

    We limited it to only projects initially because we see them as a better place for your feature requests. You want to keep a high-level overview of your projects and feature ideas and not have every bug in there. On the other side, you don't want ideas in your developer backlog where you're really not sure if you want to build them.

    After we invited more users from the waitlist, we realized that you also want to track how often a certain bug or small issue comes up. We're happy to let you know, that you can now do so. Just click on the "+ Issue" button in the feedback details to open a dropdown with all your open issues.

    We won't display any of them within Productlane, as we see the segmentation only important for larger features and you can view them directly within Linear anyway. Read here how you can view Productlane feedback directly in Linear.

    Productlane guide

    We worked on a new guide to help you get the most out of Productlane. You find it here.

    Other improvements

    • For some portals, the title and OG image weren't shown when posting on Twitter or other socials. Fixed!

    • The new project backlog status is now implemented and visible on the roadmap

    • The project status icons have been updated

    • We removed project status and target date from the portal, as those are often changed by accident in Linear

    • We gave all icons on the portal the accent color that you can set in your custom theme

    • You can now change your organization's name and logo in the settings

    • In the settings, you now find the option to disable and enable the feedback link within a Linear project


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • February 18, 2022
    changelog image

    New Changelog Builder

    In the last weeks, we realized how powerful it was to publish our own Changelog. People on our waitlist got excited reading it and recommended us to more people, even before trying the tool themselves.

    We didn’t expect potential users so urgently wanting a tool to write Changelogs – that’s why we decided to make the experience even better.

    Issue importer and grouping by label

    With a click of a button, you can now add all issues from the last cycle to the Changelog and they are automatically grouped by their label like “Bugs” or “Improvements”.

    Additionally, we added a preview of each issue when you hover over it, to help you decide at a glance if the issue is worth putting in your Changelog.

    Built-in image editor

    Want to quickly update your team or users about a new release, but don't have time to design a nice title image? We got your back. When you upload a screenshot to your Changelog draft, you can now add a background gradient to it and customize the color, border-radius, and padding of the image.

    Custom color themes

    We understand how important it is to keep a consistent theme and branding for your company. When sending your Changelog to your users, investors, and teammates, you can now adjust the colors of your page to better fit your brand.

    We designed it to be easy to customize and to work in both dark and light mode. You only need to set a few colors, such as the background, text and accent colors, which we then use to generate complementary shades for borders or hover effects.

    Want to build a beautiful changelog fast? Sign up for our waitlist!

    Other improvements

    • We added a customizable "Home" link to the portal and Changelog, so people can now click on the logo to get to your website

    • Changelog URLs now look a lot better

    • In the reply e-mail of a feedback, we added the project in the subject line

    • The project view count is now hidden when the portal is not published

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where marking the last feedback processed, users were directed to the “Processed” tab

    • Portal updates were very slowing when adding large amounts of feedback

    • The login page didn’t redirect to the admin area anymore when you were logged in

    • Autosaving didn’t work anymore on Changelog

    • We changed the issue deletion to just unlinking it

    • Couldn’t select other teams on issue creation

    • Changing default linear teams did not immediately reflect on the page

    • After opening the project creation modal, the keyboard listener was still attached

    • Next / Prev feedback navigation wasn't working smoothly

    • Large strings and other content overflowed the changelog page


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • February 6, 2022
    changelog image

    Smart Feedback Inbox

    A new week has passed, and we have some exciting updates for major workflows. Thanks to every one of you who gave feedback or wrote us to get access earlier. We're super happy to see so many of you jumping on our waitlist every day – don't hesitate to drop us a message and get bumped up the waitlist!

    We worked on one thing to help you really delight your users: A smart feedback inbox. It tackles a problem we had ourselves and saw with our first users: When you receive feedback, it's scattered in Linear tickets, Notion, Intercom, Front, Slack, and other tools. 

    That makes it really hard to get back to your users and let them know that you acted upon their feedback. Currently, this is a lot of manual work, you need to go through all links on a Linear ticket, or search wherever a user requested a feature and contact them afterward.

    That's why we built this process into Productlane. After adding a feedback, you can connect it to an issue or project. When those are marked done in Linear, the linked feedback in Productlane will now bump back in your inbox. That way you can get in touch with all your users who gave feedback, create that magic moment and make them really feel heard.

    Create Linear issues from Productlane

    So far, you were only able to connect a feedback with a project, now you can do the same with issues. The Linear issue status will be shown directly on the feedback list, so you know how things are progressing.

    Review projects before publishing

    A big blocker for a lot of you was that projects were public on your portal by default. This was of course not an ideal situation, and we understand that leaking upcoming features are the last thing you want to do. Now, every new project needs to be approved for publishing on your portal. So you can do your work in peace and communicate only the features your users need to see and give feedback on.

    Changelog improvements

    We can see how many of you are interested in writing your changelogs in Productlane. That's why we improved the experience of writing them. Importing issues from Linear is now easier and faster since we improved the UX all-around. Keep an eye out, we are listening to your feedback, and we are looking for ways to improve the experience even further.

    Other improvements and bug fixes

    There is also a slew of other fixes and minor improvements:

    • The feedback input on your portal now grows when you type more text

    • You can finally drag & drop Projects 👐

    • “No milestone” is now selected per default when creating a new project

    • Fixed a bug where a click on the changelog link led to the bottom of the changelog detail page

    • Fixed a bug where, when logged out, the changelog page did not forward to the login page

    • Fixed a bug where text on the changelog detail view was floating over the navigation

    • Sometimes the linear API errored out and took down the whole app (fixed 😅)

    • Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling on long feedbacks

    • When you change the name of your Linear org, the name will now be synched in Productlane

    • Fixed a bug, where the people search sometimes didn't work

    • You can now delete people

    As always, we are looking forward to hearing from you about feature ideas and more suggestions, so we can continually improve Productlane.



    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • January 19, 2022
    changelog image

    Product Hunt Launch, simple upvotes and email notifications

    We launched on Producthunt two weeks ago and it was a blast! Thank you so much, we were busy since then keeping up with all the new feedback that came in. We try to send invites to around 10 users per week to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. If you have a more urgent need, please leave us a message and we're happy to prioritize you!

    Simple upvotes

    We got a few requests that the public portal is more useful when users can upvote directly, without leaving feedback. We see the problem, that an upvote is not as insightful as written feedback, but we now tried to combine the best of both worlds. Users can upvote by just leaving their email once and are prompted to leave more feedback after each upvote if they have an urge to do so. By leaving their e-mail, as a product manager, you can contact them directly to get more feedback from them. Let us know what you think!

    E-Mail Notifications

    Sometimes, users get feedback on the portal which is more urgent and requires a quick response. That's why we added a customizable e-mail notification for each new feedback that comes in through the portal. As well as when a new changelog draft is ready for you.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • You can now search through people when using "CMD+K" or just use the shortcut "U"

    • You can now select the project in the new feedback modal

    • Fixed a bug that made import Issues to a changelog not working

    • The feedback on the people details view is now sorted by creation date

    • When saving the feedback, it's now saved with breaks

    • Fixed a bug where the changelog editor overflowed with long strings

    • Fixed a bug where you needed to reload the page on the feedback details, when you created a project with CMD K, so it appears in the project dropdown

    • Fixed that newly created projects are not in the CMD+K search, only after reload

    • Improved the load time for saving projects due to the Linear integration

    • Fixed a bug where a big black line appears on some screens

    • Improved readability of the segments labels

    • Reworked the options menu on feedback details and added shortcuts

    • We removed the default "Public Portal" Link on the changelog

    • Changed the sorting to show the newest feedback on the project details on top

    • Fixed a bug where ticking the checklist didn't work sometimes

    • Truncated the text in the milestone and team selector buttons

    • Fixed a bug where changing the milestone to "No milestone" didn't work sometimes

    • Fixed a bug on the portal where the link in the footer didn't work when clicking a bit outside

    • We removed the "edit"-button in the project details and put it in the 3 dots-menu

    • Fixed that the Esc shortcut navigated back to a deleted feedback

    • Fixed a bug where the CMD Delete shortcut for feedback didn't work sometimes

    • Improved the look of the initial loading screen 🎨

    • Fixed a bug on the portal, that the feedback form got wider with an error message

    • Fixed a bug where the tooltips did not disappear sometimes

    • We disabled the tooltips mobile (Obviously you have no shortcuts there 😏)

    • New items count in the sidebar now updates after creating or deleting feedbacks

    • Fixed a bug that the "GR" shortcut to go back to the roadmap, sometimes opened the Email reply

    • When you archive a changelog, you now don't need to reload anymore to make it disappear

    • We removed the roadmap link on the changelog when the roadmap is private


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • January 10, 2022
    changelog image

    Announcing Productlane

    Hello World. We are excited to announce Productlane with this first Changelog post!

    After months of hard and fun work building the core of our product, including a deep Linear integration, custom public portals, project checklists, segmentation, and much more, we finally added support for changelogs and with them the final piece of our MVP.

    From receiving feedback on your customer's problems all the way to sharing your current and past progress, Productlane is the easiest way to communicate with your user base.

    Integrates with Linear

    We are big fans of Linear and all the goodies it has, so we built Productlane from the beginning to perfectly integrate with it: A similar interface, CMD+K, shortcuts, dark mode, real-time sync, 100ms rule, you name it. We (and luckily also our first users) love it.

    You can directly log into our tool with your Linear account and find everything there being synched in real time. The public roadmap in Productlane is the same as in Linear and as soon as you mark a project done in Linear, it appears as a changelog draft in Productlane.

    With a Roadmap

    Sharing your progress and future plans has never been easier, as a matter of fact, you already have all the info in Linear, it is only a problem of visibility. After you sign up, a public roadmap page is ready to be shared with your customers! Check ours out!

    You will also see your users can submit feedback immediately. Internally you have the ability to segment this feedback by things like "High MRR Customer" or "Power User" so you can really focus on building the next feature that matters.

    With a Changelog

    Our changelog is a place for you to promote your product to users and we built it to live up to that. There are no distractions on the page, it's built to engage with your brand, sign up for your product, and maybe give you a follow on Twitter, but not more.

    A new draft will be automatically created as soon as you complete a project in Linear. To save you even more time, you can add all issues that have been done since the last changelog within a single click.

    We are already hard at work on the next features, including integrations with more systems and platforms like Slack, Hubspot, and others. We are super excited to hear from you! We are slowly letting users in, to make sure everything is working and tweaking things as necessary, so go and sign up for our waiting list!


    We got your feedback. Thank you!