Productlane changelog

New editor, multiple issues, better search and API docs

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Our vision is to create a new standard for product discovery. To help you identify impact, align your team, and close the feedback loop with customers.

Today, we're one step closer to that vision, as we're launching our new rich text editor: You can now add user interview notes and longer feedbacks and connect parts of that with projects and issues.

If you select a text, in the popup with the styling options, there is now a button to connect an issue or a project. If you do that, that highlight is visible on the project detail page and helps you get important context much faster.

Link multiple issues

To make full use of the new editor, you can now link to multiple issues from one insight. We're working right now on displaying these issues in Productlane and import existing issue attachements and linked conversations from Intercom, Front, or Zendesk. Stay tuned for the next release!

New search

As a single source of truth for your user insights, it's essential to make them not only searchable through linked issues and projects but also through the insights themselves. If you now click on the little search icon next to the "Add note"-button, you see a beautiful new search page where you see all essential results at a glance. (To initiate it for the first time, you need to log out and in again or "Sync search" in CMD K)

API Docs

Our users are getting more creative with what they can do with their data in Productlane. For example, Grafbase used our API to rebuild the public roadmap on their website and deliver a seamless experience for their users. For that, we extended our API and created a dedicated page for our docs:

Do you have more use-cases for our API in mind? Let us know!

Backups every minute

With more and more users getting on board recently, we want to ensure your data is safe. That's why we installed a proper backup system for our database. Now, your data is back-upped every minute instead of every 24 hours.

Other improvements

  • You can now edit people on the people details page

  • Project Emojis are now visible in Productlane as well

  • We tweaked the editor UI a little bit, adding the source to the right and not into a button anymore

  • You can now change the date on a changelog post

  • With our Slack integration, you can now fully connect with Zapier, and also send messages to it, not only receive them.

  • New projects are now hidden per default on the public roadmap for new users

  • We made the automatic background gradients for changelog images a bit fresher