Productlane changelog

Hubspot integration

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We have been shipping so many new things this month. A whole new API, a CSV upload, Emailing within Productlane, and, first and foremost, our Hubspot integration.

It's one of our most requested integrations and works similarly to Intercom. Sync all your users and companies from Hubspot, send new feedback, and view the delivery status of that feedback all within Hubspot.


We don't believe in locking in our customers. We want you to do everything you can dream of with your data, so we're enabling all important endpoints in our API.

We rewrote our entire API and documentation to make it future-proof and scalable, you find the new documentation here:

CSV Upload

So far, you could only send us new feedback via email, and we uploaded it for you. The amount became difficult for us to handle, so we built it directly into the tool. You can upload new notes with the name and email of the user it's from. We then automatically generate the right company from the email or assign the user to it.

Email users from within Productlane

We also added a huge new feature that enables you to close feedback loops with customers even faster. When the reply button on the top right of the note only opened a mailto: window in the past, it now opens a form on the note to send emails to your users even quicker.

The email form is automatically open for completed notes, making it even easier to close feedback loops. We're thinking about more ways to automate the feedback closing in a personal way. Let us know your ideas!

Website Updates

Our website also got a little refresh, showcasing all the new features we built in the last months on the homepage, adding our team and investors to our about page, and adding a blog where we will share new learnings here and then.

Productlane Manifesto

We built Productlane to help companies build simpler software by making the right feature bets. Read more about how we think and what we believe in our Manifesto.

More improvements & fixes

  • We added new emails to remind you to keep inbox zero and publish new projects on your portal

  • You can now turn opportunities into projects and issues quickly

  • You can now view the delivery status of connected issues & projects in our Intercom integration

  • Enabled YouTube videos in our changelog

  • Improved the design of all our emails

  • Added ability to delete people & workspaces from Productlane

  • Improved the design of all our emails

  • Added the portal settings to the settings page

  • Added functionality to disconnect Slack button

  • Fixed issue with extra scrollbar in dark mode

  • Resolved spacing bug in the Changelog

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate contacts were created with Intercom

  • Improved some spacing on the portal

  • Added Segments to people & company page

  • Slack channels now ordered alphabetically