Productlane changelog

Private Customer Portals & SSO

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Happy New Year! We're starting into 2024 with a new feature that will enable you to share your Linear roadmap with customers – without making it public to the whole world: 

Private customer portals allow you to set multiple allowed domains of your customers in the portal settings. After that, only people with an email address for those allowed domains can access your portal. 

This will help you build more trustful relationships with your most important customers, giving them complete transparency of the status of their feedback and feature requests.


To make that process even more seamless, we added the possibility to authenticate your users from the Productlane link within your App. With SSO, you can directly send your customers to the roadmap, and they don't need to log in anymore but are directly authenticated and ready to give feedback and upvote. 

These features are available in our new Business package, suited for companies and agencies who want to offer clients a seamless and collaborative experience with a private portal.

Public-facing description of issues & projects

You can now set a description that will not be synched with Linear and will only be visible on your portal:

Stability improvements and new hosting

We have put a lot of work into making Productlane more stable, moved our hosting to AWS, and improved a lot of things under the hood. To make the tool snappier and more reliable than ever before. 

Project timeframes

Last week, Linear announced their new project timeframes, and of course – we also support them. Simply select a month, quarter or year and it will shop up on your portal.

More improvements & fixes

  • The widget in Hubspot now has a link to the note you created.

  • When you hit enter, you now go from the title to the body of the changelog content.

  • We improved all detail screens of issues, projects, and tags.

  • Canceled issues now don't show anymore in the AI Suggestions.

  • The call recorder now sends a message of the note into the meeting platform chat. 

  • Written portal feedback now has the default importance "Medium".

  • You can now turn off the Slack bot comments in a thread

  • New Hubspot notes now create Email and Slack notifications

  • We added shortcuts for selecting person, company, and importance on a note

  • Fixed a bug where MP4 file upload didn't work

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add feedback in Hubspot

  • We added a new 404 page

  • Add reporter for notes created from Hubspot/Intercom/Plain

  • Fixed a bug where highlighting sometimes didn't work in the transcript