Productlane changelog

AI-suggest note highlights

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Connecting call notes and feedback with Linear is now faster than ever. With our new AI suggestions, we directly suggest the right issue or project from Linear for each new line of your note. Create Linear issues while keeping the full context of the customer note for your team.

Video recordings & transcripts in Productlane

That's not all! We're also launching our video upload beta. Upload recordings manually or let our meeting recording bot join your calls and make timestamped notes with Productlane. Process user interviews in 5m instead of 1h. Sign up for the beta here:

Linear roadmaps & due dates on the portal

Looking for a shortcut to get more feedback and manage expectations with your users? You can now publish your Linear projects on our portal – and even display their roadmaps and due dates if you want to.

Email Signup

You can now sign up or invite your team without a Linear & Google account and just sign up via email.

More improvements & fixes

  • Fixed sync engine issues

  • Resolved CMD Z not working in Changelog editor

  • Added the creator of each note

  • Included attachments in forwarding emails

  • Resolved duplicate project creation

  • Implemented error boundary for issue selection

  • Fixed an issue when creating a new workspace

  • Added a clear filter button to the segments filters

  • Fixed a bug where notifications were received for own comments

  • Removed cancelled projects from Productlane

  • Fixed a bug in the company create form

  • Resolved the extra scrollbar appearing in dark mode due to virtualization