Productlane changelog

Shared email inbox

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Today, we're incredibly excited to ship one of the largest updates we have ever made.

It brings your product team closer to the user and takes communication further: The Productlane shared email inbox.

Shared inbox for customer support & feedback

Sending & receiving emails in Productlane will enable product teams to reply directly to incoming feature requests and bug reports and close the feedback loop even faster.
You will be able to move customer conversations to Productlane and have our shared inbox become your single source of truth for user feedback, research, and support.

For companies where the product team is responsible for customer support, we saw our beta users even replacing their support tool completely with Productlane.

We are convinced that especially in small companies, product and support teams should work much closer together and share their insights with each other.
That is why our mailing feature only marks the starting point for many more features related to customer support. All this while remaining incredibly fast, polished, and integrating natively with Linear.

Exciting shared inbox use cases

  • Automatically receive emails in your Productlane inbox, create Linear issues around the feedback, and answer directly: your whole customer conversation happens in Productlane.

  • Close the feedback loop even faster and completely: Any conversations where a related Linear issue has been done will reappear in your inbox automatically. Making it easy for you to follow up with the customer reporting a bug or a feature request!

Take a closer look at the Productlane shared email inbox

Threads: Improved and simplified note handling for teams

Aligned with our shared email inbox we have improved the way we display incoming feedback to make it much easier to scan and to handle, especially for teams.

Here is an overview of what we have changed:

  • Thread overview:

    • less distracting view by using fewer & clearer icons for each thread.

    • new statuses: your new thread overview statuses will be "To-Do" & "Done".

  • Thread navigation: Instead of just one inbox, we now cluster your threads by assignments to make it easier to handle feedback as a team.

  • Improved thread sidebar: we improved the way we display contact information and linked issues to also here make the information easier to scan.

  • Assignee: The thread sidebar also allows you to assign a person to a conversation. Making it much easier to handle feedback and customer support.

  • Comments: Simplify internal communication regarding incoming feedback and open questions by using internal comments in your customer conversations.