Productlane changelog


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This week, we’re really excited about a feature that will play a big role in Productlane, especially for doing user research: Tagging.

We’re testing a very opinionated approach that’s based on our own way of building products, a mix of the Linear method and Teresa Torres’ “Continuous Discovery Habits.”

It’s made for SaaS companies, but might not work for everyone yet. So we’re keen on your feedback! We created three default tag groups that have a specific purpose:

  1. Opportunities
    Discover patterns and verify problems before jumping into solutions

  2. User tasks & goals
    Get a feeling of what your users do every day to find problems they don’t know they had

  3. Evergreen tags
    Keep track of timeless insights like pricing feedback or why people love your product

Please let us know if you have a use case, we don’t solve with the default tag groups! We might make them customizable in the future.

Issues page and issue details

You now have a page for all issues that you linked through Productlane. See each issue's importance score, company segments, user personas, and trends! If you use our importer for Intercom, Front, or Zendesk links, you will also see them on the page. And on the details, you now see all insights connected to the issue.

Paste images to insights & changelogs

A small but mighty feature that many of you waited for: You can now paste images into insights and changelog.

More improvements & fixes

  • We improved the companies: You now see all todo and done projects and issues of a company

  • We simplified the navigation and combined People, Companies and Segments

  • There are now only upvoted projects that are "Todo" on the people details

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't enter the domain when there was a "/" at the end

  • You can now book a demo through our website's homepage

  • You can now create users and companies through our API

  • New setting to disable automatic changelog drafts in the settings

  • Imported insights from Front, Intercom, and Zendesk don't create issue links anymore

  • Changelog drafts have now auto-save

  • You can now link to a project twice on the insight

  • Fixed a bug where the email was shown instead of the company on the insights