Productlane changelog

Synced Intercom segments and contacts

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If you use Linears Intercom integration to track feature requests in your issue backlog, we have something very special for you this week:

Productlane imports all Intercom conversations (same for Slack, Zendesk and Front) that are linked to a Linear issue and displays those with new helpful data:

You now see the user, company, and their segments next to each feature request – all synced with Intercom. This means, next to every feature request, you see the amount of paying users, how many sessions they had, if they had been active in the last 30 days, which company size they're in, and much more. This enables you to identify:

  • Feature requests from potentially high-paying customers

  • Problems people mentioned that led them to churn

  • Opportunities to delight your power users and make them love your tool even more

… and much more.

New segment filter

We also made significant improvements to our segment filter. You can permanently hide all segments that are unimportant to you, and when you filter for a segment, the importance score and trend are recalculated, and all other segments are hidden. Also, the segments are now visible and filterable on the company and people list.

More improvements & fixes

  • We added dynamic OG images for the portal

  • Larger improvements in speed and indexability of the portal pages.

  • We now fetch the profile picture from people's emails.

  • We now only display the connected sentence of an issue.

  • Added functionality to download logo URLs from Linear.

  • Enabled opening a company from people's details.

  • Added an "Open in Linear" button to Project details.

  • Addressed an auto-saving bug in the editor.

  • Resolved the problem of not displaying all Slack channels in the selector.

  • You can now still assign a person when their company has been deleted

  • Made note creation from within Slack more stable

  • In the note search, deleted notes were visible sometimes. Fixed.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't edit a project when no icon was selected.

  • Added Live Server functionality