Productlane changelog

Sync engine

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In the last weeks, we made the biggest change to Productlane so far. It lays the foundation for our vision to make Productlane the fastest and highest-quality product discovery tool in the industry: Adding a sync engine.

You need to do it when the codebase is still manageable, as it's almost impossible to do later. We needed to rewrite lots of code and stop building larger features for weeks.

But we're really proud of the result. Productlane now feels like a native app. Seamless in every interaction, it will save our users countless hours by removing all load times. The sync with Linear is now more instant than ever and it's ready for exciting and collaborative features such as commenting, a multi-cursor editor, and more.

Improved design

We also took the opportunity to improve large chunks of the frontend. The design – especially the navigation and editor – is now much more lightweight and in the background. We made the wording clearer and removed confusing terms like "Insights" and "Repository", which are now just "Notes" and "Processed Notes".

Better search

We improved the search and made it more performant so that we were able to put it back into CMD+K. You don't need to go to a separate page anymore and can just open it with a simple keystroke. Only for the insight search, you need to click one more time, the rest is directly in CMD+K.

Tags are now opportunities

After testing our new Tags feature, it was pretty clear that it seemed too broad and wasn't clear enough what to do with it. "Tags" can be everything and nothing at the same time. So we named it into the main use-case we built them for: Opportunities. A bucket for your feature ideas, observations, or problem areas that are too early to put into Linear already.

The groups are now customizable, so you can make them fit for your individual use-case. You can use them for a specific tool area, for an outcome you want to achieve, or as a bucket to keep track of competitor mentions.

Forward email to Productlane

The new version also comes with a highly requested new feature that enables you to send feedback to Productlane via email. In the settings, there is now a new email page, where you can copy a unique email address for your organization, where everything that is sent to, converted into a note in Productlane. Save this email as a new "Productlane" contact, to make it super simple to forward new feedback to it.

New domain:

Productlane not only continues to mature as a product but also as a company. With our growing user base, it was also time for us to invest a little bit in our brand and buy a new domain. You now find us on instead of

More improvements

  • The score of issues is now calculated into their projects

  • When you hover the linked items on the editor, it now scrolls to the right position

  • You can now search for the issue ID in the issue search

  • Project, issue, and opportunity creation is now faster and prefills the title

  • You can now open links in a new tab with CMD + click

  • The company name is now shown on the Notes list

  • The feedback widget now also supports dark mode

  • The project ID in the feedback widget is not required anymore

  • "Bots like Typeform or Zapier can create insights" in Slack is now on for everyone as a default

  • The opportunity / issue / project search is now cleared after selection

  • Notes are now formatted correctly on all other detail-pages

  • You can now send feedback from within CMD+K

  • CMD+K now supports searching through opportunities and companies

  • Company and user segments are now separated with different icons

  • The company is now shown in the issue link in Linear

  • The screen for editing projects has been improved and put into a modal

  • Completed issues are now displayed in Productlane as well

  • Issues & projects are auto-linked after the creation

  • There is no alert anymore when you close the feedback modal on the Public roadmap

  • The shortcut to link an issue makes the text not italic anymore