Productlane changelog

Turn Slack into a user insights hub

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With our new Slack integration, we've been able to cover 3 major feature requests at once:

1. Zapier integration
2. Forwarding emails to Productlane
3. Inviting your team to add feedback

How this works:

Every new message creates an insight in Productlane: Every message sent into a selected channel will automatically create an insight in Productlane that you can then connect with Linear issues and projects later.

Slack bots like Typeform or Zapier can create insights: Slack bots can be connected to your #insights-hub channel and will also create Productlane insights automatically. This works for Typeform, Zapier, and many other bots. You can set up Zapier to enable email forwarding.

Involve customer success or sales: Let your team add interview notes, call summaries, lost deals, and any other insights that will help prioritize the roadmap. They can post everything into the Slack channel, and you can process it later in Productlane.

For public Slack communities: Never miss another feature request in public Slack communities. Badge-connect all feedback at once, without needing to deal with Slacks UI to create or link issues.

For Slack connect channels: If you communicate with your customers in Slack connect channels, you can click on the "More actions" of a specific message to push it quickly to Productlane. When the feature is shipped, you can automatically follow up with that customer in the Slack thread.

Notifications: Discuss new feedback with your team directly in the thread of a notification.

The more insights you store in Productlane, the better you'll be able to understand which users you can solve a problem for. Segment users by company size, whether they are paying customers, how active they are, and prioritize your roadmap accordingly.

Attach images to insights

We're also launching another major feature: You can now upload images to an insight. Your users can do this on the Public Roadmap and you can upload them when adding a new insight in Productlane.

Other improvements

  • When you receive new feedback via email, the "Reply to" field now contains the feedback giver’s email address

  • You can now search for multiple keywords in the projects search

  • There is a new option on the projects page to temporarily sort  by importance

  • Fixed a bug on the Changelog and Public Roadmap where some things were not shown correctly in dark mode