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Private roadmap and changelog

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It's been wild weeks and we're heads down working on many smaller improvements for all the new users coming into Productlane recently. But we we’re also able to ship a larger feature that will enable a complete new usecase for you:

Share internal Changelogs with your company and align all employees around your roadmap with a private portal. Use Google authentication to only allow access to people from your organization.

You find the setting behind the Share button on the top right of the Public Roadmap or Changelog page.

Add Front, Intercom & Zendesk links to Productlane

Most of you already link to existing bugs or issues from helpdesk tools with Linears native integrations. We have built an import that you can see these links now also in Productlane!

By that, you can

  1. See the aggregated link amount (the importance score)

  2. Spot trends (how many new links have been added within the last 4 weeks)

  3. Get a high-level overview of which company or user has requested things.

With the click of a button, you can add all helpdesk attachement links from our Import / Export page in the settings.

More improvements & fixes

  • On a companies detail page, you now see their done issues and projects

  • People search is not case-sensitive anymore

  • Fixed a bug where the same person could been added multiple times

  • Improved the look of companies logos

  • Fixed a bug where the add company modal hit random reloads for some users

  • Fixed a bug where the persons company wasn't displayed for some sources

  • Companies are now sorted alphabetically

  • Fixed a bug on the company settings that prevented new logos from being saved