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New Changelog Builder

changelog cover

In the last weeks, we realized how powerful it was to publish our own Changelog. People on our waitlist got excited reading it and recommended us to more people, even before trying the tool themselves.

We didn’t expect potential users so urgently wanting a tool to write Changelogs – that’s why we decided to make the experience even better.

Issue importer and grouping by label

With a click of a button, you can now add all issues from the last cycle to the Changelog and they are automatically grouped by their label like “Bugs” or “Improvements”.

Additionally, we added a preview of each issue when you hover over it, to help you decide at a glance if the issue is worth putting in your Changelog.

Built-in image editor

Want to quickly update your team or users about a new release, but don't have time to design a nice title image? We got your back. When you upload a screenshot to your Changelog draft, you can now add a background gradient to it and customize the color, border-radius, and padding of the image.

Custom color themes

We understand how important it is to keep a consistent theme and branding for your company. When sending your Changelog to your users, investors, and teammates, you can now adjust the colors of your page to better fit your brand.

We designed it to be easy to customize and to work in both dark and light mode. You only need to set a few colors, such as the background, text and accent colors, which we then use to generate complementary shades for borders or hover effects.

Want to build a beautiful changelog fast? Sign up for our waitlist!

Other improvements

  • We added a customizable "Home" link to the portal and Changelog, so people can now click on the logo to get to your website

  • Changelog URLs now look a lot better

  • In the reply e-mail of a feedback, we added the project in the subject line

  • The project view count is now hidden when the portal is not published

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where marking the last feedback processed, users were directed to the “Processed” tab

  • Portal updates were very slowing when adding large amounts of feedback

  • The login page didn’t redirect to the admin area anymore when you were logged in

  • Autosaving didn’t work anymore on Changelog

  • We changed the issue deletion to just unlinking it

  • Couldn’t select other teams on issue creation

  • Changing default linear teams did not immediately reflect on the page

  • After opening the project creation modal, the keyboard listener was still attached

  • Next / Prev feedback navigation wasn't working smoothly

  • Large strings and other content overflowed the changelog page