Productlane changelog

New Feedback Portal

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We revamped one of our most popular features and made it more robust, secure, and clean: Our portal helps you make issues and projects from your Linear feature request team public for your users or team. Now with these new features:

  1. User login: Your users can now sign up on the portal page to verify their email, track the feedback they gave you over time, and get automatic updates on newly added projects or issues.

  2. A new way to upvote: We changed the functionality of the upvote button to directly prompt users for more feedback after they upvote.

  3. Changelog tabs: When you share new updates with users, they can now directly switch to the portal and give more feedback with our new tabs at the top.

Calendar integration

You can now connect your calendar here in the settings to let Productlane automatically join your meetings, take timestamped notes, and connect these directly with Linear issues and projects so your engineers have full context.

Zoom support for call recorder

For all of you, who don't use Google Meet or Teams, you can now also enjoy our new call recorder using Zoom. Connect Zoom here in the settings.

More improvements

  • You can now choose your own OG Image for the portal

  • The Linear issue attachement now changes when person or company is changed

  • You can now transfer the owner role in the settings

  • The Slack integration has been improved, so no images or formatting gets lost

  • We now support markdown on Linear issue attachements

  • Only show the highlighted part of the feedback in the Linear issue attachment

  • Fix into linear sync extreme loading times

  • Improved styling of segments to make it more scannable

  • You can now add labels and projects when creating issues

  • Added search icon to contacts page

  • Added CSV Export button in settings

  • You can now allow email access to a workspace

  • Added roadmap issues to API and upvote endpoint

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability of the Slack integration

  • Fixed error while editing changelog page

  • Improved video player loading time for insights to enhance UX

  • Fixed bug causing duplicate projects

  • Fixed inability to open links when highlighted

  • Added missing completed status in project selector

  • Issues from invisible teams were visible on issues. Fixed!

  • Fixed Slack bot sometimes not responding

  • Resolved issue with theme settings not saving

  • Fixed missing first message from Intercom in note

  • Made Linear synching more robust

  • Addressed speaker change affecting transcripts

  • Fixed inability to remove Company segment

  • Resolved video player issues on Safari browser