Productlane changelog

Import existing feedback and changelogs

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Have all your user feedback in Notion? Host your changelog in another tool? You can now upload your existing data into Productlane and enjoy its benefits without having to start all over: Connect feedback with feature ideas and see, which customer segment it helps the most, and let the feedback jump back into your inbox as soon as the feature is marked done in Linear.

Open the import settings to get started.

Public roadmap improvements

We also shipped some improvements to the public roadmap. If you hover over a project, you now see the Linear description without clicking on it. When you create new feedback on the left, you still see the description fully while the existing projects are searched through.

Other improvements

  • You can now search projects and users with CMD + K

  • The email subject line for new feedback now has the user email in it, to avoid emails being threaded

  • You're awesome! The changelog draft email now celebrates you for finishing projects. 🎉

  • Changed the wording from "Mark processed" to "Move to repository", to clarify that it doesn't mean that feedback has been solved.

  • Fixed a bug where the changelog detail page couldn't be opened

  • Fixed a bug that prevented syncing projects properly for some accounts