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(Dynamic) Note Templates

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We aim to build the best call recorder for product & customer success teams, and today, we made an essential step towards that. Dynamic note templates help you ask the right questions at the right moments in customer calls. To help you clarify the fundamental problems of customers at the right moment and build the right features for them.

Default Note Templates

Set a default template with relevant questions for whenever talking to a customer. This will bring the most important topics and questions to your attention automatically with each call you start. Making it easy to set the focus for each conversation.

Dynamic Note Templates

With dynamic templates, you will instantly receive customized templates right at the beginning of each customer call based on your most trending projects and issues in Linear, enhancing the relevance of your insights.

Productboard Importer

Companies often refrain from transitioning to alternative tools due to concerns about potential opportunity costs.

Starting with the Productboard Importer, we're building the simplest way to make the full switch from Productboard to Productlane. It is as simple as adding your Productboard API Key to our import settings, and we'll import all notes and their associated features as tags. After that step, turn these into Linear issues and projects quickly with a click on the top right, while keeping all links to feedback.

Stay tuned for more import options.

More improvements & fixes

  • Added the importance of issues within a project

  • You can now copy the changelog URL from within the app

  • Enable dates in note CSV import

  • Removed cancelled issues from the AI Suggestions

  • Added triage issues to the issue page

  • Store portal action in oauth state and submit after auth

  • Timezone issues changelog date picker

  • Linear attachments wrongly disappearing

  • Sorting not working for tags

  • The timestamps are not on the right of the editor anymore

  • Don't create a note when the bot hasn't been accepted to the call

  • Block calendar note creation when the note is empty

  • Created date not correct for call notes.