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The number one support tool for Linear.

The number one support tool for Linear.

Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions of Business for Using Productlane

1. Introduction

The following General Terms and Conditions of Business set out the legal framework for using Productlane. Therefore, please read these General Terms and Conditions of Business carefully. Productlane is a service to collect and manage feedback from end-users, as well to communicate product roadmaps and changelogs. Please read on to learn the rules and restrictions that govern your use of our App, website(s), products, services, and applications (the "Services"). You hereby agree that we are not responsible for any data loss; the application is provided as is.

2. Scope of Application

2.1 Parties to the Contract and Subject Matter of the Contract

These General Terms and Conditions of Business form the basis of the user contract between you and Productlane GmbH, represented by Raphael Fleckenstein and Patrick Göler von Ravensburg, Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. 3b, 81369 Munich, Germany.

2.2 Terms and Conditions for Participating

Productlane is intended for commercial use. You can use it free of charge, except for certain services reserved for paying users.

2.3 Additional Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to agree to additional terms and conditions for individual Productlane Services. We will notify you of this in good time prior to use.

3. Productlane Services and Prices

3.1 Services Free of Charge or for a Fee

The scope of services included in Productlane and the Productlane Services available for use depends on the type of Productlane Service and whether you use the Productlane Services free of charge or for a fee. If you use it free of charge, you only have access to certain basic functions and information. A more extensive range of functions is available if you enable the premium features separately for a one-off payment or as part of a subscription.

3.2 Prices

Current pricing is displayed inside the application. All prices stated include applicable VAT.

4. Conclusion of a Contract

How the respective contract is formed depends on the method by which you register for Productlane for the first time and whether you sign up for additional fee-based services.

5. Term of Validity

5.1 User Contract

The user contract concluded once you register your account is valid for an indefinite period. You need to create an account to sign up for the premium service of Productlane. The services provided and their validity depend on the validity period of the account and the provided payment.

5.2 Subscriptions

Our subscriptions are offered with varying minimum terms of validity and are automatically renewed for the same minimum term until you or we cancel them. The term of a subscription is determined by calendar and is independent of your use or extent of use.

6. Terms and Conditions of Payment

6.1 Collection of Fees

Fees are collected when the contract is concluded for purchases of additional services through a one-off payment. The fee is collected for the relevant minimum term when the contract is concluded for a subscription. If the subscription is renewed automatically, the fee is collected in advance at the start of the renewal period. Different terms apply if the fee is collected via iTunes.

6.2 Payment Default

We reserve the right to assert further claims for late payments.

7. Payment Methods

If you purchase Productlane services for a fee via in-app purchases, the respective app-store supplier will bill you. If we incur costs due to a declined payment and this is your fault, we are entitled to bill you for the actual costs incurred. We reserve the right to specify alternative payment methods.

8. Right of Withdrawal

8.1 Withdrawal Policy

If you have entered into a contract for use of Productlane or purchased a one-off additional service or a subscription, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without stating any reasons. The cancellation period runs for 14 days from the conclusion of the contract. To exercise your right of withdrawal, send us an unequivocal notification (e.g., a letter sent by post or an email) of your decision to withdraw from the contract:

Productlane GmbH

Raphael Fleckenstein, Patrick Göler von Ravensburg

Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. 3b, 81369 Munich, Germany

[email protected]

8.2 Consequences of Withdrawal

If you withdraw from the contract, we are obliged to refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (except for any additional costs incurred due to your choice of a different delivery method). For this refund, we will use the same payment method that you used for the original transaction unless otherwise agreed.

8.3 Lapse of the Right of Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal lapses if we have provided the service in full and only began to perform the service after you gave your express approval and confirmed awareness of losing the right of withdrawal. It also lapses in the case of digital content not stored on a physical data carrier if we have begun to perform the contract after your approval.

9. Liability for Defects

9.1 Statutory Provisions

Statutory provisions apply to claims due to defective services.

9.2 Disclaimer of Guarantees

Productlane is provided as is. We are not responsible for any loss of information or how it is used. You are responsible for ensuring you have the right to use the data you provide.

10. Liability

10.1 General

Follow guides or instructions provided with Productlane Services.

10.2 Liability for Services Provided Free of Charge

For free services, we are liable only for damage due to willful conduct, gross negligence, or the absence of a guaranteed feature. Our liability is not limited for willful misconduct but is limited to reasonable, foreseeable damage in other cases.

10.3 Liability for Services Provided for a Fee

For paid services, we have unlimited liability for damage due to willful conduct, gross negligence, or the absence of a guaranteed feature. Our liability is limited to reasonable, foreseeable damage for slight negligence. Our liability for injury to life, limb, or health remains unaffected.

10.4 Product Liability

Claims under the German Product Liability Act remain unaffected by the above-mentioned liability exclusions or limitations.

11. Rights of Use over Productlane Content

Depending on which services have been enabled for you, or which services you have purchased, the services we offer contain content protected by copyright or otherwise. We grant you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use this content in a non-commercial form. Distributing our content or making it publicly available is not permitted. The right of use will lapse when your access to the respective service is no longer enabled or when your user contract ends.

12. Responsibility for User-Generated Content

12.1 Disclaimer of Responsibility for Third Party Content

You are solely responsible for content you post within Productlane Services. We accept no responsibility for this content.

12.2 Compliance with Statutory Provisions

When supplying your content, you must comply with all applicable laws and legislation. It is prohibited to supply content of a pornographic, sexual, violent, racist, seditious, discriminatory, offensive, and/or defamatory nature. You must also refrain from infringing any third-party rights. We may delete unlawful content or content that infringes these principles. If you infringe these principles, we may warn you, temporarily block your user account, or cancel the user contract.

12.3 Indemnification

If you infringe these principles and it is your fault, you must indemnify us against any third-party claims arising from such infringement. We reserve the right to assert claims for damages and other claims.

13. Ending the Contract

13.1 User Contract

You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time, thereby ending your user contract. To do this, you need to cancel your subscription via your Apple App Store account. We may cancel the user contract by giving two (2) weeks’ written notice.

13.2 Subscription

Every subscription must be canceled individually. You can cancel without stating any reasons at any time effective at the end of the minimum contractual term or renewal period. Subscriptions purchased via in-app purchase must be canceled using the settings in the respective app store. If your subscription fee is collected via iTunes, a notice period of 24 hours before the end of the minimum term or renewal period applies. We may cancel your subscription with two (2) weeks’ written notice.

13.3 Cancellation for Good Cause

We may cancel your user contract or subscription with immediate effect if you seriously or repeatedly breach the provisions of the user contract or these General Terms and Conditions of Business.

14. Personal Data

We process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. You can retrieve the current version at These data protection provisions govern and explain the extent to which your personal data can be seen by other users and your options for controlling its disclosure.

15. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Business

We reserve the right to change or modify these General Terms and Conditions of Business. We will advise you of changes by email no later than two (2) weeks before they enter into force. If you do not object and continue to use Productlane, the new General Terms and Conditions of Business will be deemed accepted. In the event of an objection, we reserve the right to cancel. We will notify you separately of your right to object, the deadline, and the legal consequences of your objection or failure to object.

16. Final Provisions

16.1 Applicable Law
The relationship between the parties is governed exclusively by German law, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). In business transactions with consumers within the European Union, the law of the consumer’s place of residence may also apply where it contains mandatory consumer law provisions.

16.2 Place of Jurisdiction
If you do not have a place of general jurisdiction in Germany or another EU Member State, or if you have moved your permanent residence outside the EU after these General Terms and Conditions of Business have entered into effect, or if your permanent or usual residence at the time the complaint is filed is not known, then the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract will be our place of business.

16.3 Language of the Contract
The language of the contract is English.

16.4 Severability Clause
Should any individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business be or become invalid in whole or in part, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

17. Information about the Supplier

Productlane GmbH
Represented by Raphael Fleckenstein, Patrick Göler von Ravensburg
Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. 3b
81369 Munich, Germany
[email protected]

20. Option to Save and Review the Contract Language

These General Terms and Conditions of Business may be reviewed by you at If you would like to save a permanent copy of these General Terms and Conditions of Business on a data carrier, you can download them as a "pdf" file free of charge at Please consult your web browser’s help documentation if you need help with saving the file. To open a "pdf" file, you may need special software such as the free Acrobat Reader program or a similar software program that handles "pdf" files. You can review any further contractual information and data in your user account. Alternatively, you may also print or store the order confirmation which you will receive after making a purchase.

21. We’re in This Thing Together

The actions individual users take can have a big impact on our system as a whole. That is why all Productlane users must follow this Acceptable Use Policy in their use of Productlane. If you violate this policy, we may suspend or terminate your account. We may also suspend or terminate accounts according to our Standard Terms of Use where we see behavior, content, or other factors that pose a threat to our platform. If a term is capitalized in this Acceptable Use Policy but isn’t defined, it has the meaning given to it in our Standard Terms of Use.