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Connect call recordings, notes and feedback to your issue tracker and simplify your discovery with Productlane.

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Start simple and connect feedback or research with Linear to make it visible. As soon as you scale your discovery, let Productlane auto-detect opportunities, process user interviews with AI and 10x your discovery.

Opinionated and built around Linear

Productlane is the go-to solution for companies who use Linear. It's built to fit into its unique architecture and two-way mirror issues, links, projects & roadmaps to make insights directly visible for engineers. You can even login with Linear, try it out:

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Made for teams
Process insights together and
make them
visible for
your whole team on the place you constantly visit together:
Your Linear roadmap and issues.
Engineered for speed

A powerful sync engine keeps load times below 50ms. Stay in flow and scale your discovery.

How it works

Capture feedback on autopilot
Easily sync your call notes or feedback from Grain, Intercom, Zendesk, Zapier, Raycast and countless other integrations.
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Upload call recordings
Make call recording snippets appear on Linear issues and projects. Highlight notes from Grain and a video reel will appear for each topic.
Synced with
Make call recordings visible
Segment contacts and companies
Sync contacts, companies and segments with Intercom and Hubspot. Analyze feature requests and feedback based on real user behaviour.
2-way synced with
Enrich with user data
Keep track of opportunities
Stay focussed. If feature requests and feedback pile up, keep your backlog clean and move them as opportunities into Produdctlane.
Make call recordings visible
Prioritize your roadmap smarter
User data combined with Linear issues and projects is real magic. Prioritize features by persona, company size, MRR and more. All visible for your engineers.
2-way synced with
Linear logoLinear
See your roadmap with new eyes
Close the feedback loop
No matter the channel, you can now close the feedback loop with ease. From Slack messages, user interviews to sales call notes. Delight your users.
See your roadmap with new eyes
Find research participants
A new CRM for your product team. Find engaged customers and contact them to learn more and build a pipeline of research candidates.
See your roadmap with new eyes
Designed to work seamlessly with the modern product stack.
The fastest way for your team to share feedback. Plug into an existing feedback channel and every message will directly add a new note in Productlane.
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The easiest way to send feedback to Productlane with a simple shortcut.
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Get a video highlight reel on top of your connected insights
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Add conversations to Productlane and sync all contacts, companies and segments.
Forward email
Forward emails with feature requests or feedback easily to Productlane.
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Connnect countless more tools like Typeform, Salesforce or Tally via Zapier.
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Powerful API
Productlane is built developer-first. Sync your contacts, feedback and more with our API.
Public or private portal
A portal to align everyone.
Feature request boards are hard to maintain and outdated quickly.The Productlane portal is completely synched with Linear projectsand makes it the most up-to-date reflection of your real plans.
Private portal
Put your portal behind a Google authentication for your team.
Custom domain
Stay on brand. Connect your own domain with your portal.
Dark mode
Be kind to your users eyes. Deliver experiences.
Make it yours
Customize your your portal and streamline your branding.
For next-generation companies

Brandon Bayer Co-founder, Flightcontrol & BlitzJS

We use Productlane to share plans with and get feedback from users. It's a great way to store user feedback and the tight integration with Linear works great and makes our lives easier by reducing duplication.

Fredrik Björk Co-founder, Grafbase

The integration between Productlane and Linear is next-level. It enables us to quickly deliver features based on customer feedback.

Dima Grossmann Co-founder, Novu

We’ve been waiting for a tool like Productlane for so long at Novu. And today it consolidates product feedback for us from: Customer calls, Discord, GitHub, Linear, Raycast, and E-mails. With this consolidation, we are able to spot feature demands, and make strategic decisions regarding product and biz development.

Jason Parkyn Product Director, Nucla

Productlane provides clarity into where we can be impactful and helps us keep customers engaged. Thanks to its simple workflow and deep integration with Linear, it took no effort to incorporate it into our work. Making the voice of the user present in everything we do has never been easier.

Matthew Knee Co-founder, Worknice

We absolutely love Productlane. Its deep integration with Linear and the user segmentation helps us prioritize the right features and delight our customers when closing the feedback loop. It even works with longer call notes.

Linear @linear

The list of great tools built on top of Linear grows! Congrats to @productlane_ on your launch. 🎉
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Time to start with
continuous discovery.
Productlane is built for a continuous feedback loop. With your customers as well as potential users.