Our manifesto

A strive for simplicity.

Todays software is cluttered.

Companies often find themselves trapped in a high-speed race to build as much product as possible within tight deadlines.

Shipping fast is a defining factor in deciding success or failure, but with each new feature comes a risk.

An opportunity to build something meaningful can also turn into a burden that increases maintenance cost and slow down development speed over time.

Good software runs our world.

Simple and easy-to-use software made computers and smartphones usable for all of us.

Good software creates a beautiful future where technology is accessible to all, where innovation thrives and productivity soars.

With interfaces that don't get in the way, simplicity empowers more people to do meaningful work, and has the power to accelerate innovation globally.

Simplicity is still scarce.

Simplicity is unfortunately still the exception, not the standard.

The historical emphasis on functionality over user experience and time constraints in software development made matters worse.

Legacy systems and user familiarity with subpar tools have even created resistance to change.

We need change.

We can tackle this with relentless focus.

Focus on getting the full picture of what your users do and how they work, to truly understand the problem you're solving.

The only way to do that is by talking with them.

Y Combinator already advises weekly user calls, while companies like Stripe or Airbnb made the whole product team connect directly with users.

Product Managers, Engineers and Designers.

We're building the tool for this.

It's like a CRM for your product team.

A place to see all past conversations with users, written or spoken.

A place to find more engaged users to talk to and find out what new problems they could have.

A place that's deeply connected with the tool where those things get actually done: The issue tracker.

To relentlessly focus on what needs to be built. And only ship the features that solve a real problem and bring joy to the product.

Removing clutter and making the world simpler, one step at a time.