The easiest way to send feedback to Productlane with a simple shortcut.
This integration brings the speed, quality, and joy of Productlane to every corner of your Mac. Create new feedback and send it to Productlane with just a keystroke. Everything is quickly accessible via a global hotkey to minimize context switching.
How it works
Using Productlane in Raycast is simple. After installing the integration, you can search for Productlane in Raycast and create an API Key for it in the Productlane settings . Raycast is globally available on your Mac. Open it with a hotkey to quickly execute a command. The integration is great for going through quickly pushing new feedback you see anywhere on the web to Productlane. One pro tip to share: assign a hotkey to the Push feedback command via the Raycast preferences (e.g. ⌥ N) to create feedback even quicker.
Install the integration from the Raycast Store and log in to your Productlane workspace afterwards. Then, search for Productlane in Raycast to familarize yourself with the available commands.
Productlane Network
The Productlane logo explained. You see 4 arrows instead of 2.
Time to start with
continuous discovery.
Productlane is built for a continuous feedback loop. With your customers as well as potential users.